Roy, Jerry, Nick & Andy   2014

6 Foot High Targets are just a little thread of white, when you are shooting from 1,000 Yards away.

We are trying to get all 3 shots in a 10" circle.

This is our BIG BORE Revolver class. It's a BLAST

NRA Range Safety Officer Certification Class


Team Leader

We love our job

​This is a NRA Range Safety Officer certification course with 4 instructors

                     This photo is 35 of our 55 man unit.

Includes Nick (SWAT TC), Jerry (Assist. TL), Sam (TL), Roy (TL).

Brand new shooter. First 40 rounds ever fired. Amazing.

Sniper Team  

Complete Pistol 1 & 2 - Pistol Malfunction Clearing Drill

Everyone LOVED Ivan, Well Not The Bad Guys

SWAT Training

Great Shooting Young Lady

Andy & Jeff   (Father & Son on the same SWAT Team)

The Largest SWAT Team In California.   Here are only 38 members of our 55 member team.

Running A Shooting Course

Demonstrating how to "shoot on the move"

​K9 Ivan Always Looking Sharp


Our very first class of civilians was in 2013.

      Rapid Fire Combat Course.

Only has 8 hours of Range Time !!!

When your first shot is a BullsEye, you have to photograph it.


Day 1 @ 7 1/2 yards. GREAT JOB

Jerry, Our 28 Year SWAT Guy

A Police Officer's first Rapid Fire target

at the start of training

Just below here


Basic Carbine Class

   Great Shooting 

Back in 2013.

Nick    &     Roy


SWAT Team Commander

These 3 warriors have 68 years of SWAT Team experience.

SWAT Team Leader Roy Bryson (L),

SWAT Team Commander Nick Gottuso (C) 

SWAT Assistant Team Leader Jerry Peters (R)

​Don't settle for amateurs, get trained by the Experts


Check Back Soon for More Training Photos

Sammy, Roy & Nick  2020

Every student receives a lot of personal instruction


Advanced Rifle - 800 Yards Out

NRA Range Safety Officer Certification Class

Everyone Wears Eye & Ear Protection at the Range

NRA Range Safety Officer Certification Class


Asst. Team Leader


Bravo Tactical Pistol Training - 2021

​Here are 4 of our Instructors. They have 92 years of SWAT Team experience.

                                    Call Us To Get Taught By SWAT

Here is a Fireball from a Big Bore Revolver.


​Team Leader

Nick LOVES the 50 Caliber

​​This is a NRA Range Safety Officer certification course with 3 instructors

Same Police Officer.

Last Rapid Fire target after 1 day of training with the SWAT Experts

Our training is fun for every member of your family


Shooting Trap in Basic Shotgun

Outstanding shooting on day 2.

​First time shooting a .45 caliber pistol

SWAT Team Commander

Captain Nick

Helping a police office shooting one handed at 10 yards. She is back on the target.


Team Commander

​Probably the largest SWAT Team in California.

This photo is missing a dozen members.

​2013 Class


That's a lot of Snipers

Award Winning Team

Our first class to the public was in 2013.

Team Commander on His Sniper Rifle

The Boss Loves the .50 Cal.

Trying to look Tacti-cool

Students learning how to clear a "Double Feed" malfunction.

Part of our Basic Shotgun course is students get to shoot a full round of Trap.

It's very beneficial and lots of fun.

This is a NRA Range Safety Officer certification course with 4 instructors

Sam served on SWAT for 24 years, inc 15 years as a

SWAT Team supervisor