From Fred: (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

If you are looking for a great pistol course (and more!), and especially if you are new to this like I was 2 days ago, I strongly recommend that you use Expert Firearms Training and Tactics. I just completed the Complete Pistol 1 & 2 training the past two days. I must say the experience was unbelievable. This 16 hour class offers you a great balance between classroom and practice. There is a strong emphasis on safety rules, helps you understand the pistol basics, how to handle and aim accurately and more importantly how to manage pistol malfunctions. It also provides great learning on how to properly clean your pistol. I came out of this training very confident (but not overly confident) about the skills I learned and how to apply them moving forward. I never thought I would be able to shoot so well for my first time, but it is because of the amazing instructors. Their outstanding law enforcement and SWAT experience combined with their teaching and motivational skills were key to building my confidence.I am now looking at registering for my next course, i.e. Bravo Series Tactical courses. Many thanks guys for this amazing experience and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon for my next course!

From Cindy (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

I enjoyed all of it. From the beginning to the end,I felt very comfortable and at ease because of the instructors' personality and complete understanding of all the topics. My endless questions were always answered graciously and knowledgeably. It was a great mix of history, gun safety and usage, rules, humor and hands on teaching. I definitely recommend the Complete Pistol course to anyone interested in pistol instruction. It is the first class of several I plan on attending to increase my knowledge and proficiency in pistol ownership and responsible safety procedures. Thank you, Gentlemen, for your service, expertise and dedication to this subject.

From Kevin (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2 and Basic Carbine)

"Having not shot a gun for over 25 years, the classes that I took from Expert Firearms Training were very beneficial. The classes brought me up to speed with current firearms regulations and gave me a great understanding of the mechanics and safe handling of firearms that I had not used before. I would recommend Expert Firearms Training to a first time gun owner who needs to learn firearms basics and I would also recommend classes for experienced shooters that would like to refine their shooting skills. They are extremely knowledgeable. They really go above and beyond to help their students. They made me feel very comfortable because they are so patient and encourage questions."

From Jason (re. Bravo Tactical Series  (advanced pistol and advanced rifle training)

​As a former Marine, and hopeful competition shooter, I has some understanding of the fundamentals for pistol shooting. A lot of what I realized while taking the Bravo Tactical course with the Experts, was that while I had a few minor bad habits, I got in my own way more that necessary. They suggested that I take the Bravo class as I was not brand new to the weapon system. They taught me some things that helped and had me leaps and bounds ahead of where I was hours earlier. I was quite shocked at how good I did with the different front sight only and no sight drills. They are all great guys, very good instructors and they have the experience to back it all up as well. They had me thinking outside the box and they pushed me while working with my strengths as well. They did not try to retrain some things I learned prior, however they helped adapt them into the training, as long as it was safe of course. 

I know I will definitely be back and already have friends asking where, where, where. Trust me on this, for the price and skills offered, you are a fool to not take their courses. Other comparable training costs even more and here you can get one on one instructions with absolute SWAT Experts, while that is most likely not  going to be the case with other instruction facilities.

​Update: After taking a Bravo Series Tactical course (which by the way, I highly recommend) I decided to take the Basic Rifle course. As a Marine who qualified "Rifle Expert", and having shot out to 1000 yards, I figured it would at least be fun to be in my "element", being a cocky, "Type A" personality of course and having the ego of a Marine. However I got the chance to work with Roy, Jerry, and Nick and with their combined 60+ years experience as SWAT Team Snipers and Sniper Team Leaders. Sure I knew some things, sure I shot pretty good, but they pushed me farther than I ever push myself. They had me shooting tighter groups and got me much faster too. 

Being a "bolt gun" guy (fan), I figured that a "semi auto gas gun" wouldn't hold up as accurate as my custom bolt rifle. Well it was the Experts how showed me just how accurate they can be. They had me doing rapid fire and rapid target acquisition drills that had me pushing past and breaking into new territory. I feel truly honored to have worked with these three Experts and to now know them on a littler deeper lever that just student and teacher. You're a fool if you don't take this opportunity.

A NOTE from Roy regarding Jason:

Jason is a very mature young man, who I respect greatly. Jason attended one Bravo Series Pistol (advanced) course and 3 long range rifle courses. Jason has re-deployed as a sniper and he and his wife are in our thoughts and prayers. Be safe my Brother. Call me when you return home.

From Sherie (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

My husband and I took our 11 year old granddaughter for lessons at Expert Firearms training. They were awesome. They taught us everything we needed to know to get started. They were so patient with my granddaughter and made it fun for her, she loved it. Now I can feel more comfortable with a gun in the house. Thank you Experts.


From Maggie (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

Let me start with, this is a must class for anybody who wants to become knowledgeable about guns and feel safe handling one. I attended a two day Complete Pistol 1 & 2 training course conducted at Elite Armory Plus that was taught by Expert Firearms Training with Roy Bryson as our main instructor. First off, Roy is amazing. The patience he has is remarkable. No question is stupid, he wants to make sure you are comfortable. The individual attention he gives you to make sure you are shooting correctly and that you understand is amazing. I highly recommend this class and it is important that you attend both days. While day one is great, when you leave after day two you will feel amazing. Day two is such a big difference. Jerry Peters assisted me while I was shooting. Jerry gave me so many great tips I looking forward to my next time at the range to start using them. What a great team (of Experts). Thank you for a memorable experience. Also I suggest taking your FSC (Firearms Safety Certificate) test (at the gun counter) right after day two of the course while all the information is fresh.

Sharissa N. (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

If you are considering buying a gun, or you already have one, or many, and you want to hone your skills, THIS is the place to go. I took the Complete Pistol 1 & 2, and what a BLAST this class was! Not only are Roy and Nick a couple of true patriots, they are experts in the world of shooting. They have a way of teaching that makes it really stick, and they are serious yet very light-hearted and down to earth about everything. I went into this having shot a few guns a handful of times with very little confidence, and I left feeling excited, ready to defend my family and teach my friends. This is the kind of training everyone should get. I can't wait for Bravo training.

From Julian (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

Could not have had a better first-time experience with firearms. The instruction and real life stories provided by Roy and the staff was great. The class flew by quickly and by the time all the ammo was gone, I didn't want to leave the range.

From Francis (re. beginning pistol classes - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

These guys are the best! They will turn a novice into an expert! It was an awesome training being taught by SWAT Team veterans. Learn from the best! I can't wait for my Bravo Tactical Series pistol training.

From Chris: (re. Bravo Tactical Pistol - advanced pistol)

I recently had the opportunity to attend EFT's Bravo Tactical Series pistol course and I jumped at it. Firearms are my profession and I practice weekly. But I was hungry for a chance to improve at Combat Shooting. Roy and Nick were awesome instructors giving one-on-one instruction to each person in the class, pushing me to my failure point, then coaching me to work through them. As a bonus, they shared some great stories about their 40 years combined experience on SWAT. I improved more in that one day than an entire year of practicing solo. I will definitely be taking more classes with The Experts in the near future and would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn from real professionals.

From Dawne (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2 and Basic Carbine courses)

"I would highly recommend Expert Firearms Training to anyone interested in firearms. Roy Bryson was my instructor. He has an amazing amount of experience shooting and is very passionate about all aspects of shooting and the safe handling of firearms. For beginners, Roy really gives you a great foundation. For some people that have been shooting for a while Roy would be very helpful in helping people break bad shooting habits. He offers so many tips and "tricks of the trade". Anyone taking his classes would gain valuable information. Additionally Roy is a fabulous resource. He can answer all kinds of questions relating to anything regarding firearms like where to purchase something if you can not find it in a store, how to clean firearms, various shooting positions, setting up bench rest, use of sand bags, scopes, optics, etc. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes I have taken and feel much more confident in my shooting and handling of firearms. Expert Firearms Training exceeded my expectations. I found the classes to be reasonably priced and well worth every penny! This is an investment in yourself and one that could save your life - Invaluable!"

​​From Mitch (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

Best training for firearms!

I am new to firearms and I searched around for the best course for beginners. I am glad I selected Expert Firearms Training and attended their Complete Pistol 1 & 2 course. The reason being, it is a two day training course compared to most where it's only one day of training. The second reason is the instructors are all experienced SWAT police officers. Roy led the class along with Nick and Andy. Their knowledge on safety, handling of firearms, history and shooting techniques are priceless for beginners, or for people want a refresher course. The training was conducted at Elite Armory Plus in Tracy in their classroom and very nice and spacious gun range. I am more confident in using a firearm and I highly recommend Expert Firearms Training!

From Chandler (re. beginning pistol classes - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

I did some One-On-One training with Roy recently and I can not say enough good things about the experience. Roy is a very nice guy who worked with my busy schedule and allowed me to do one day and then come in the next week (the course is usually back to back days) to do the second day. He is incredibly accommodating and I appreciate that. I drove from San Jose to Tracy to get my training done from Roy and honestly, I would fly long distances just to receive training from this team. Roy is a very experienced instructor and his 30 years of firearms training shows. I learned more in 2 days than I ever could have imagined. He also brought an array of guns for me to try and that really helped me with purching my first pistol. By the end of the course I felt incredibly comfortable with using a pistol and was really excited to continue working and honing in my skills that I had learned from Roy. I can not wait to get more training done by Roy and I would recommend anyone at any level to get training done by him and Expert Firearms Training.


Sylvia G. (re. Bravo Tactical Pistol - advanced pistol)

If you absolutely want great gun training please go to Expert Firearms Training. My 16 year old and I just took our 3rd and 4th classes (Bravo 1 & 2) and we had a blast. Not only was it educational, the Experts make learning about guns fun, yet instilling in each of us the safety rules and responsibility that goes with owning and operating a gun. I shot 150 rounds into a single target using rapid combat shooting and making fast magazine changes. Target looked good, especially for someone who had never shot a gun before.

Christmas is around the corner and they do offer gift certificates. These courses are amazing, educational and the knowledge you gain is priceless. If you have any questions, please ask me. I 100% recommend these classes. I've learned something new from every class and I take home confidence and knowledge that I will carry with me forever.

From Evan (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

Many thanks to Roy, Andy and Nick for training my son and I on the safe way to handle a pistol. These fine men are retired SWAT and Police professionals who take gun safety seriously. We had never touched a gun before and we were taught the gun safety rules and safe pistol operations in a professional, serious and fun class. We spent over 4 hours on the range over the two days, where we could use what we learned in class. The instructors stood by for constructive on-site feedback. I highly recommend this course (Complete Pistol 1 & 2) to anyone who currently uses a gun, or wants to use a gun. This class could save your life!

From Denis (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

I wanted to take the time to thank Roy and Andy for working with me and my 11 year old son.  I was impressed with their knowledge of pistols and their training program. We are now better gun owners. Most of all, I was impressed with how they handled my 11 year old son. They were patient with him and they also kept an extra eye on him but, managed to make him feel confident. We are anxious to take the next course soon. 

From Fernando (re. CCW Re-Certification - Advanced Pistol)

I recently took the 4 hour CCW Re-Certification course with Roy. I had a great time of learning and training with him.

I've been to many shooting classes and courses with the "Big" named trainers in the industry. These classes were in Arizona, Oregon, Las Vegas and sometimes when the pros travel out here to CA.

 We started out in the classroom where much of the the material that he taught was new to me. Then we spent several hours out on the range. Roy was able to push me out of my comfort zone with well thought out shooting drills. He shared some of his personal real world experiences with me, which made me a better informed and now a more confident student of the craft. I train every week at the range and as previously mentioned, have attended many high level training courses. I consider myself  to be very good at this craft and I was still able to learn more from Roy I highly recommend taking his training classes and I'm looking forward to taking more classes from Expert Firearms Training.

A NOTE from Roy regarding Fernando:

Fernando has trained with many of the most well known trainers in the country. 

We only trained together for 4 hour, including the 2-hour classroom portion. At the end of the class Fernando gave us a nice compliment. He said he really enjoyed our style of teaching. He said he learned as much, or more, from us than from the Big Named guys, because of our style of teaching and the proper mix of shooting drills and our constant feed back on his performance on the shooting range.

I'm glad to know that our experience shows through and it's nice to know the we can run with the Country's Top Dogs.

From Frank (re. beginning and advanced pistol courses)

Their professionalism, expertise and passion for teaching and training people about firearms is evident from the first minute in the classroom. Their in-depth knowledge, expertise and background translates well in the classroom and on the range. They continually stresses safety at all times so when you have completed the training you will have the confidence to safely handle and operate firearms. I'll be training more with Roy and his staff in the future. 

From Alisa (re. Law Enforcement training)

If I could give Expert Firearms training 10 stars, I would. If you want personalized, dedicated training, then look no further. As a Law Enforcement Officer training is everything. When I slipped in my skills, I slipped hard. I turned to Expert Firearms Training and I met Roy. Not only did I improve, but I re-qualified with my agency in the high 90%!!!!! Being trained by a former law enforcement was perfect, as he understood exactly what I needed. I've enjoyed training with Roy so much, I've made it a routine thing. Once or twice a month we meet up. Each time we practice fine tuning my accuracy and speed skills. After 16 years of shooting, it has finally become fun for me!!! 

Ladies: Don't be intimidated if you want to learn proper firearms management. Roy is firm and consistent, but takes the time to make sure you understand what you are learning. You would never know he is former law enforcement unless he told you. Each session is different, as he can tailor it to your individual needs.

So to recap:

In Law Enforcement and need training? Call Roy

Want to learn basic firearms skills? Call Roy

​Want your family members and children to learn basic firearm skills? Call Roy

Rich R. (regarding Bravo Tactical Pistol - advanced pistol)

A few weeks after completing the 2-day basic pistol course (Complete Pistol 1 & 2), I took two Bravo Tactical Pistol courses (Bravo One & Two) on consecutive days. For Bravo One and Two, I was able to shoot my brand new Heckler & Koch P2000, that I purchased after basic. I am now shooting at a much higher level both in speed and accuracy. Not having ever having ever picked up a pistol prior to training, and now I'm able to teach my wife some of the basics of pistol shooting. Yes, I'll be signing up for bravo 3 and 4 as soon as those classes are scheduled.  

From Leonda (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

They were so easy going and always encouraging. I never felt that I would do something "stupid". They answered all questions honestly.

From Joe Z. (re. advanced rifle)

I had the very fortunate experience to be at a range next to Roy, Jerry and Nick. I recognized their Expert Firearms Training shirts from banners that I've see at other ranges. I am not new to firearms or shooting, but spending a day next to these guys was a real treat. I saw them manipulate their rifles with speed and efficiency that I hadn't seen before and their target groups were amazing. I saw Roy shoot 10 shots, in 12 seconds, in the wind, at 300 yards and all 12 rounds were covered by the palm of his hand, close to 3". I watched Jerry do a quick reconfirm of zero at 100 yards with one of his many custom rifles, and he had 5 holes touching, only 1 hole.  As I was changing my target at 300 yards, I saw Nick with a micrometer measuring his groups. Well below MOA. I chatted with Nick while walking back to the firing line. He showed me one of his 600 yards targets, 1/2 MOA (3" at 600 yards).

Each of them removed, or cut out their target groups and logged the information in their data books. Along with the conditions during that specific round of shooting. Years and years of information and who knows how many thousands of rounds all contained within their books. The wind picked up big time later in the day, full value, but they were still on target. Roy let me browse his data book. He had turned it to a page where he had shot in similar wind conditions and had noted his results. They all added their data every trip to the range. Combine that with almost 70 years of real world SWAT experience between them and I can't imagine a better training school, ANYWHERE.

I was not at the range taking an E.F.T. course, but toward the end of the day I received a few tips from them that changed my shooting position and my position of my finger on the trigger. It felt different. I dry practiced (no ammo) the new technique until I returned to the range 1 month later. My very first group at 300 yards was MOA (3") and my next group was 1/2 MOA (1 1/2"). That was my best group ever at that distance. The tips I received from Roy, Jerry and Nick have tightened up my groups at all distances. 

​It was an absolute honor shooting next to them. Now I'm looking forward to becoming a student of Expert Firearms Training.

From Jeffrey  (re. Bravo Tactical Series (advanced) courses)

"Roy Bryson  is a top-notch instructor and his 30 years of law enforcement experience has added tremendous value to the class with real life practices. The way Roy presented the material was custom to my needs that allowed for a specialized class focusing on what I needed to learn and to hone in on sharpening my skills to a higher level. Every class I had I walked away more confident bringing home a wealth  of class materials that is tailored to my own needs, which has allowed me to learn and grow with each class experience. As a student, if you are looking for specialized instructions from the best teacher in the field, Roy is that person. He has the passion for teaching and will customize his lessons to fit each students' needs for personal growth and skill level. So far I have taken 8 One-On-One Bravo Series Tactical classes.

Thank you Roy for helping me accomplish my dreams and being my teacher!"  

​A NOTE from Roy regarding training Jeffery:

First and foremost, Jeffery is a First Class Dude. When Jeffery came to us he was already an NRA Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Instructor. As a firearms instructor Jeffery obviously knew how to teach and to shoot. He wanted to be a better instructor on how to teach everything from the classroom training to learning how he could teach his students how to be more accurate shooters. I enjoyed helping Jeffery reach his goals and  I consider him a friend. I trained Jeffery in 9 Bravo Series Tactical courses One-On-One!!! 

A special thanks to Jeffery, as he voluntarily packed me a lunch 9 times, and man that guy can cook. Take care Brother.

From Jim (re. beginning pistol classes - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

I had never held a loaded gun prior to taking the beginning pistol classes (Complete Pistol 1 & 2) from Expert Firearms Training. "They took me from zero to hero in 16 hours". I had a great time and learned a ton. They are very patient, experienced and knowledgable. They were open to all good and dumb questions. After taking these classes, I could not image owning a gun without learning this vital information. I learned about safety, pistol parts, safe gun handling, malfunctions, fundamentals of marksmanship, front sight shooting, point shooting, full sight shooting, how to clean my pistol and more. Great classes!

From Thomas​ (re. beginning pistol classes - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

I've had no experience before and was a little nervous about taking a class. After my first meeting with one of The Experts, I felt more comfortable and confident. His knowledge about guns and safety was outstanding. I have now completed the Complete Pistol 1 & 2 course and I'm looking forward to the Basic Carbine Class that I just scheduled. I found the Experts on Yelp and for the first time, the reviews are accurate and true. I highly recommend Roy and his team of Experts for any firearms training. Thank you guys for giving me the skills and confidence I needed.

From Casey (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

If you are looking for professional, expert, firearms training then look no further because these guys are it!!

I recently had the privilege of attending EFT's two-day basic handgun training course (Complete Pistol 1 & 2) and I must say it's the best decision that I could have made is choosing a beginners course. Prior to this class, my experience was very limited and I wanted to be instructed on the basics prior to making a firearms purchase. Both Roy and Andy were perfect for my learning type and really met us sutdents where we were at individually and as a class and brought us up to a much higher level of competence than when we first started. To see the transformation in all of us within such a short time was exceptional. The overall course was close to 16 hours and every hour was purposeful, informative and fun. The time flew by and it was better than I had hoped. I am very much looking forward to taking more courses with ETF!!

From Warren (re. beginning andadvanced pistol courses)

They are knowledgeable, friendly, organized and prompt.

From Elise (re. beginning pistol classes - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

These guys are LEGIT!!! I mean they are The Best of the Best. Each with over 20 years experience (and some for much longer) in SWAT and Sniper expertise and as firearms training instructors.  Read their "About Us" section, it is such a privilege to be taught by them.

I took the Phase One Pistol Training (Complete Pistol 1 & 2) which was a full 2 days in a row. The improvement and level of comfort from the end of the first day compared to the end of the second day was huge, so both full days are necessary and well worth it. The class taught me the important foundation knowledge that, quite honestly, everyone should know about regarding gun safety whether they are handling a firearm, or they are in the same vicinity of someone who is handling a firearm, as well as teaching shooting accuracy both slow paced shooting and faster paced. My accuracy and the accuracy for everyone in my class had greatly improved by the end of the second day.

​They (the instructors) were amazing at making sure everyone was acting and felt safe, but also made the class a very fun and memorable experience. Roy, Nick and Andy are probably the coolest guys on Earth, very down to Earth, highly skilled, excellent instructors and all around great guys. I will, for sure, be taking their next level training course (Bravo training) in the near future. :)

Eric J. (re Bravo Tactical Pistol - advanced pistol)

I just finished Bravo (two) Tactical Pistol training this week! This is excellent training that puts you in a different category of shooter. I took the Bravo One course in September. The entire Bravo Tactical Pistol series is dedicated to learning about "Home Defense" shooting (aka Combat Shooting). Bravo One really dials in your marksmanship. To see how much my marksmanship improved was amazing. Bravo training will have you shooting an entire magazine as quickly as possible while staying within an 8 1/2" x 11" target. THAT'S FUN. The best part of my Bravo One training was that weeks later, when I returned to the range, my groups were much tighter that before my training.

Roy and Captain Nick are a pleasure to learn from. Both are highly experienced SWAT Team Operators (Team Leader and Team Commander). They are NOT hardasses who beat you down and intimidate. They are a couple of guys who are eminently qualified to do what they do and abundantly confident based on their actual life experiences. They have GREAT stories about their experiences. Listen to their stories, because you might get nugget of wisdom about safety, marksmanship, being alert, or just being a human being.

I'm looking forward to more Bravo Tactical Pistol training. I'm also going to enroll in the Basic Carbine course so I can learn the right way to use my AR15.

From Kim (re. beginning pistol classes - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

I took this class (Complete Pistol 1 & 2) to learn about firearms safety and how to shoot. When I first went to this class I had never even picked up a gun before. Now I feel like Dirty Harry. The first day Roy taught us so much. I learned all about the rules of firearms safety and how to handle a gun safely. I was apprehensive at first, but Roy put me at such ease that I'm now comfortable handling guns. When we went into the range to shoot i was like "okay I'm comfortable with handling guns now, but I'm scared to actually shoot one". Well again Roy totally helped me. He talked and walked me through everything and was right by my side the first time I shot a gun. Roy keeps his class sizes down so that he can give complete attention when needed which is wonderful for a class like this. The second day we did more shooting and Andy was there too. Andy was super encouraging and really made me feel even more comfortable shooting. When I needed to correct my shots they had ample advice to give. Let me just say that thanks to this class I feel comfortable and confident with firing and handling guns. Thank you so much Roy and Andy for helping me with confidence and knowledge with guns.

These testimonials were originally posted on Yelp. Yelp hides reviews from people who do not post frequently on Yelp. We have 70+ Yelp reviews, but many are "not recommended" for the reason listed above.

Now you can read what other student say about the courses you want.

Here are some of our favorites. 

M.P. (regarding Bravo Tactical Pistol - advanced pistol)

I enrolled in a fourth class at Expert Firearms Training, my first since 2018. I came in pretty rusty since I had not shot much over the past year due to the national ammo shortage and the pandemic. Now that the ammo inventories are improving and the prices are slowly dropping, I've been getting out to the range more lately. However, I noticed that I was rusty and also needed some fine-tuning to adjust to a new firearm, so I figured it was time for another shooting course with the Experts.

​The team put us through increasingly more complex exercises throughout the day, but after a few drills, it all came together and I felt very confident, comfortable, and at ease again. I highly recommend Roy, Captain Nick and the entire staff at Expert Firearms Training. I have my 5th training planned for after the new year.

From Jjunn (re. beginning pistol and shotgun)

My wife and I attended the Complete Pistol course and the Basic shotgun and Trap shooting course. We are so lucky that Roy trained us. He is so patient and he's very knowledgable in this field. Roy served over 30 years in Law Enforcement and he trained his SWAT Team members with the use of pistols, shotguns, sub-machine guns, machine guns and sniper rifles. 

We had so much fun, time passes very quickly because the entire class was so informative that he makes you even more interested in the course. the knowledge in firearms that you will get from Roy is one of a kind. Occasionally he would share with you his true life experience and from there you will definitely learn a lot about firearms safety and effectiveness in every situation. All I can say is it's a one of a kind experience training with Experts. If I could give them 10 stars (here on Yelp) I would  for all the knowledge I learned from these classes. Try, Inquire, call Expert Firearms Training LLC, call Roy and his team and learn from the best.

From Dan (re. beginning pistol - Complete Pistol 1 & 2)

Very happy I selected Expert Firearms Training. The classes were a present for my son and I joined him for the education. We signed up for the Complete Pistol 1 & 2 course because he owns a Glock and I was totally unfamiliar with semi automatic pistols. Roy, Andy and Nick are great instructors, with nearly 100 years of law enforcement experience including SWAT and Sniper duty. They wove life lessons and personal experiences into all the lessons which reinforced the rules for proper firearms handling. At the range they coached us in both marksmanship and point shooting. A deep knowledge of firearms gave us a much needed understanding of the workings of both revolvers and semi automatic pistols. That knowledge has helped me decide on the best pistol for my purposes. We are looking forward to taking a Bravo class in the future! Thank you gentlemen!

From Harry: (re. big bore revolver)

I attended a training session hosted by Roy Bryson from Expert Firearms Training. I feel extremely fortunate to have met Roy. His knowledge of firearms, safety and usage exceeded any exceptions that I may have had prior to taking a class with him. Roy took the time to explain safety techniques such as how to respond to a light primer strike (misfire) with my revolver and how to improve my shooting technique by reading the bullet impacts on my target. I was firing a .44 magnum and the larger .454 Casull. The training session turned into an extremely fun and relaxing session. I originally signed up for a 4 hour class that actually lasted for almost 7 hours. Roy has a very pleasant personality and will answer all of your questions in detail. I would most definitely recommend his outfit, Expert Firearms Training. I am sure all of the instructors are top notch. I am really grateful to have received training hosted by Roy.

​A NOTE from Roy regarding Harry's Big Bore Revolver class:

Harry does a lot of hiking in open country and he wanted to train with his massive .454 Casull revolver and his .44 magnum revolver. He carries the .454 in an attempt to avoid becoming the diet for a hungry bear. LOL. During class he said when he shoots these large caliber revolvers, he has actually missed his target entirely. He responded quickly to my suggestions and our training became so fun and he was responding so well, that we shot for many hours longer than we had expected (at no extra charge, of course). By the time we were finished, Harry was shooting 1 inch groups at 7 yards (21 feet) with his .44 magnum. We had a great time. Harry is fun guy and an awesome shooter. Great job Harry.

From Morteza (re. beginning, advanced pistol, and Law Enforcement)

"I took the Complete Pistol 1 & 2 course and my first Bravo course from Expert Firearms Training LLC. My instructors were Roy Bryson and Andy Jurow and I was very impressed with their class. I was fairly new to guns with only one year or so of experience when I originally took this course. Roy and Andy started off with the basics in the classroom such as firearms safety, parts of the pistol, shooting positions, pistol cleaning, etc. Although I had a lot of questions, they were very patient with me and worked with me until I understood. We then moved on to the range where I was shocked to see how much of an improvement I made with getting my shots on the target with such simple techniques they taught me. Both Roy and Andy are experienced former SWAT officers which seemed a little intimidating to me at first, but with their combined knowledge and experience, they had hands on teaching techniques which clicked with me and made the class very informative and really fun! I would highly recommend taking any of their classes whether you are a new or even an experienced shooter. I have already signed up for another Bravo Series class. 

A NOTE from Roy Regarding Morteza:

"Teza" is a fantastic young man and he is now a Police Officer. He has become family to all of us. Stay Safe Teza.

We all love you Son.

Carlo B. (re. Bravo Tactical Pistol - advanced pistol)

I've taken several firearms classes (from other companies) over the years and they are all pale in comparison to what I learned from Expert Firearms Training in just 8 hours. I attended a Bravo Tactical Pistol course and learned new things during the course. Roy is a great instructor with a wealth of experience as an officer and SWAT Team Leader. To say he is extremely knowledgeable is an understatement. His shooting drills instill confidence and he prepares you to be ready for real life combat situations. I have tried many methods and instructors to improve my shooting, but after one hour at the range, I shot better than I ever have. My class was in Tracy (at Elite Armory Plus) and the staff there was friendly and knowledgeable as well. The range fees and ammo prices were reasonable given the current ammo prices.The indoor range is air conditioned, which was a huge plus. The bottom line is this; Roy and Expert Firearms Training should be your first and last call as it relates to firearms training.

Patrol Sergeant(Re Law Enforcement Training)

(Training recap provided by shooting instructor. We forgot to ask for a review from this Sgt., but the training was so phenomenal, as the trainer, I'll write the review to show some of what we can offer our police officers.)

​We were contacted by a patrol sergeant who wanted to receive a little extra range training prior to his agencies' upcoming qualification course. He received permission for me to train him at his Sheriff Office range (since I was a POST certified firearms instructor for 23 years and I had brought about 40 members of our SWAT Team to train at that facility in the past).

We spent 4 hours focusing on Front Sight Shooting, Point Shooting, drawing from the holster while moving laterally, shooting on the move, shooting fast and shooting accurately.

After 3 hours of training, I decided to have him put it all together in actual scenarios. For the next hour we trained as two patrol officers responding to a "routine" type call. As we walked up to the scene (our two targets), one officer would identify an armed suspect who already had a firearm pointed at us. That officer would yell "GUN". We would both side-step first, draw on the move and engage the threat.

I pushed him to try to be faster than me at firing the first shot. I had him yell "GUN", so he would have a fraction of a second head-start at drawing. I wanted him to act as if he was the only officer on scene and that my rounds he was hearing, were being fired at him from the suspect. I wanted him to try to shoot faster than the suspect and still be accurate. Over the next hour I pushed and guided him past his old comfort zone. I demonstrated what to do and explained why. He responded quickly to these non-static, tactical, realistic, Officer Involved Shooting scenarios. It was rewarding to watch him preforming so well and have fun at the same time. I saw his confidence level, speed and accuracy skyrocketing.

​At the end of our 4 hours of shooting together, I asked him what he though of his training. He said this was the first time he had ever fired while moving. He also said he had never fired that fast in the past and was amazed at how accurate he had become.  Not only was he much faster than ever before, he was now shooting  more accurate even while moving, than he had shot previously just standing still.